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  • Leadership and the art of ‘healthy hedonism’
  • I heard this phrase a little while ago — healthy hedonism. And it struck a chord. I am a little hedonistic myself. Not in the drinking, drug-taking, breaking rules kind of way. In fact, I rarely drink, I don’t take drugs and if I even think about breaking a rule I get found out so I don’t bother.
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  • Too old to lead?
  • Every few days Biden and Trump take a pop at each other over their respective ages. This brings up a lot of questions for me around age and wisdom, versus age and inability or unwillingness to adapt and change, versus age and cognitive decline.
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  • Unless you understand people, you won’t understand technology
  • Whether you are threatened by the advances in technology or excited by them (or both) the truth is that the way we work, and what we work on, is about to be radically disrupted.
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  • Why the health of your staff is your problem
  • I was struck when listening to a recent podcast (The Doctor’s Kitchen Ep 155) how many people feel that their work is the biggest barrier to them maintaining a healthy lifestlye.
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  • Pay Rises and the Cost of Living
  • The ONS suggests that while pay rose 4% in the last quarter it was far outstripped by inflation, which is expected to reach almost 9% this year. The Bank of England is advising employees to keep their pay rise requests to a minimum so as not to feed rising inflation. At the same time the government says it isn’t their role to influence conversations between private businesses and their employees about wages. The UK’s biggest union, Unison, is backing above-inflation pay rises in the public sector.

    So, should we be paying our people more to make up for cost of living increases? Or should we be taking a ‘responsible’ approach?
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