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  • 90 Smallholding, with Libby Syddall
  • I have a wonderful conversation with Libby Syddall who owns the smallholding we’ve been staying at for the last 2 weeks. She gives me a lot of very useful advice and shares her own story of leaving her job to run her smallholding full time, and the lessons she’s learnt along the way.
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  • 89 Anger is our shadow but it's also our power with Clare Russell
  • Every journey has its call to return. Our hero must return to normal life (or life starts feeling normal again) and bring home the lessons he or she has learnt, ready to embark on the next adventure with a new level of awareness and courage.
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  • 88 Reinventing and Pivoting with Sweet Billy Pilgrim
  • Today’s podcast guests have put music right at the centre of their lives. Jana Carpenter and Tim Elsenburg, AKA the band Sweet Billy Pilgrim, have been making music most of their lives, most recently together. They’ve usually had to combine music with “proper jobs” to make ends meet and, like many of us, have struggled to find the right balance between doing what they love and making the money to support their talent.
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  • 87 Lessons from the Big Trip
  • As you know, I'm spending this year as a digital nomad, travelling around Europe. As we enter our 6th month of, what we like to call, The Big Trip, I’ve started to reflect on what this trip has taught me so far. It has not been an easy lifestyle choice. Before we started, I did not know just how hard it would be or what would make it tough. In this week’s episode, I share the 4 lessons I’ve learned so far about making decisions to change your life. From the start, I’ve looked for ways to better blend the different elements of my life – work, family and self. And, even when this trip ends we won’t give up the search for a better and better blend. But in the light of what I’ve learnt so far, we’ll approach our next Brilliant Gamble a little differently.
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  • 86 Worldtowning: with guests Will and Jessica Sueiro
  • Life moves quickly. If we are not careful, time slips by, and before long, we may realize we never pursued our dreams. That’s why Will and Jessica Sueiro created WorldTowning – a slow-traveling way of life for the curious and adventuresome, for lovers of the world, for those who desire to experience life to the fullest. Driven by a desire to expand their view of the world, enhance their knowledge of a region and establish lasting community ties – anywhere around the globe, I know you'll love this episode from the ABG archive!
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