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  • A Brilliant Gamble — Why I’m Selling my House and Buying a Van
  • A Brilliant Gamble — Why I’m Selling my House and Buying a Van
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  • The Top 5 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Staff
  • The days when your right to lead was automatically granted when you got a senior job are over.
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  • Why your company shouldn’t be paying for your development
  • For nearly two decades I’ve been convinced that businesses should be investing in their people. They should be providing them with leadership development programmes, opportunities to take placements in different parts of the company, paying for coaches to work with them 1–2–1 and go on team away days to build their personal bonds.
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  • Can you step off without dropping out?
  • What happens when you achieve everything you thought you wanted only to realise it’s not what you thought? Is it possible to pursue your calling without “dropping out”?
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  • How to be coached
  • There are millions of books (well, about 43,000) about coaching. How to be a coach, how to think like a coach, how to coach others, how to run a coaching business, how to coach yourself…but the coach is only 50% of the relationship.
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Episode 49: A Brilliant Gamble - Why I'm selling my house and buying a van
Episode 49: A Brilliant Gamble - Why I'm selling my house and buying a van12/11/2017

It's a year (and a bit) since I started this podcast. A year ago my plan was to sell my house and buy a smallholding and, other than that, keep my life pretty much as it was. My business was doing fine, I was enjoying my work and although I had a long term plan to add other "solutions" - like a retreat centre where leaders could come to reflect, have important conversations with each other and help me muck out the sheep - that was a long term ambition, not something I planned to initiate in the coming 12 months. But the thing about change is that it's rarely predictable. If you're open to what's going on around you, the opportunities and the risks, and you tune in to your intuition about what's right for you, you end up changing your goals...or at least taking a different route than you expected to get there. Which is why I'm selling my house...but not buying a smallholding. Instead, I'm joining the increasing number of people who operate as "digital nomads". Disrupting the status quo has meant, for my family, starting to home educate my daughter which has led to a period of "deschooling" - getting school-think out of our system - which has led to me thinking about "deworking" - wondering whether I can break the rules of work but continue to be of value to my clients. Or in fact be of MORE value to them. I don't want to give it all away here. You'll have to listen to the show! I asked my friend and colleague, Ginny Baillie, back to interview me and I tell all to her (and to you!). I hope you'll enjoy the new direction we're taking as a family and in the business and what new insights this will give me to share with you as you disrupt the status quo in your industry, your organisation and your life. Follow us on - Instagram: @abrilliantgamble Facebook group: A Brilliant Gamble Twitter: @blairepalmer Facebook page: Punks in Suits Email: Web: And please share this podcast with anyone who you think may have a little bit of punk underneath their suit!

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