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Blaire Palmer – Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach

What kind of leaders does business need today? What are the trends, pressures and curve-balls coming at you and how, as a leader, are you going to respond?

Our CEO, Blaire Palmer, is at the forefront of new thinking about leadership. In her keynote speeches she busts outdated myths of leadership and presents a model of the kind of leaders our businesses, and our world, need now. Inspirational, funny and thought-provoking, Blaire draws on two decades of experience inside the boardrooms of international companies and challenges audiences to re-think everything they thought they knew about what it takes to be a leader.


Punks in Suits

It’s time leaders revealed more of the Punk underneath their suit. At a time when trust in major institutions is in crisis, when a disrupter is threatening to come up your blind side and change your industry forever, when your Gen Y (not to mention the incoming iGens) want work to be meaningful and purposeful, and when digital disruption, global teams and agile working are making the job ever more complex, it’s time to get back to basics.

Audiences will discover –

  • The cultural, social, technological and political trends that are changing the context in which business operates
  • The urgent business imperative to re-define leadership in a fast changing world
  • What the future of organisations looks like and how leadership will need to adapt
  • The big questions today’s leaders need to be asking to be ready for the future
  • And how to reveal more originality, humanity, bravery and creativity beneath the suit

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Blaire Palmer - Punks in Suits

Busting the Myths of Leadership

Our ideas about leadership and management developed during the Industrial Age when the machine was king and we needed our people to be predictable, efficient and compliant. But we’re not in the Industrial Age anymore. Today’s economy requires people to bring their whole selves to work, to take ownership, to be adaptable to change and to innovate. How do you lead in an environment like that?

In this keynote, Blaire –

  • Busts the 4 Myths that keep us stuck in an Industrial Age mind-set about people and their potential
  • Exposes the ugly truth about trust and distrust in organisations today
  • Questions the purpose of strict hierarchy and static teams in an increasingly agile world
  • And offers practical advice for leaders about healing the company culture and creating an environment for success

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Blaire Palmer - Busting the Myths of Leadership

Busting the Myths of Change

Everyone knows that change is now a constant. But that doesn’t make it any easier when your world is disrupted by the latest re-structure, digital transformation, merger or strategic zigzag. Leadership is crucial at these times, but it’s so easy to get it so wrong.

In this keynote, audiences are –

  • Exposed to some of the game-changing trends due to hit business in the next 5 years
  • Challenged to re-think deeply engrained assumptions about people and attitudes to change
  • Inspired to re-imagine their own role during change
  • And given practical ideas for leading in constantly changing environments

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Blaire Palmer - Busting the Myths of Change

Blaire Palmer - Biography

Blaire Palmer is a world authority on the future of leadership. An author, speaker, coach and consultant with nearly two decades of experience coaching and provoking boards and senior leaders, Blaire shares her funny, insightful and challenging ideas about leadership with audiences around the globe, inspiring them to find ways to start running their companies in partnership with their people, lose the ego around leadership and re-think what leaders are here for in the post-Industrial, Personalised Age.

As one of the youngest female producers of the BBC’s flagship “Today Programme” Blaire spent a decade breaking stories and shaping the UK news agenda before her fascination with leadership and change led her to train as one of the UK’s first corporate coaches.

Since then she’s written 3 successful books on the subject and is regularly quoted in the media. Her new book, Punks in Suits - Personalised Leadership in a Bossless World, is published later this year.

Unlike many speakers on the subject her interest isn’t academic. She doesn’t speak as a business school professor or as a former CEO trying to generalise from one unique experience. Instead, Blaire draws on her insights as a coach, confidante and agent provocateur for CEOs who spends most of her days supporting and guiding leaders as they shape their company. Her speeches give audiences unparalleled insight in to what’s happening in the most innovative Boardrooms in the UK and Europe, trends she’s spotting in her work and what actually works (and doesn’t) in real businesses.

Known for combining warmth and charm with a no nonsense, straight talking style, she shakes up our thinking and inspires audiences and leadership teams alike with her fresh ideas. Focusing on the need to re-think leadership for the 21st century Blaire encourages audiences to challenge everything they thought leadership was about. Audiences love her energy, her down to earth approach and her depth of knowledge.

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Blaire Palmer - Biography
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